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If you search hard enough you can find personal protection dogs for $7,000 and you can find them for $70,000. You might spend $30,000 and get a dog that doesn’t work for you, has bad hips, or wouldn’t actually bite anything other than a sleeve!

At Highland Canine we train our protection dogs to the same standards as our Military and Police K9‘s. We feel that a dog that is not trained properly is more of a liability than it is an asset. This is why Highland Canine only produces top notch dogs for our clients.

Pupy Training Treats – Pupy Training Treats – Barleys Favorite Pumpkin Peanut Butter Homemade puppy Training Treats for Barley, because theyre much cheaper and healthier than store-bought versions – How to train a puppy? – How to train a puppy?

American bloodline German Shepherds often have some degree of prey drive, but 99.9% of them have little to no defensive drive. That’s why they cannot do Schutzhund work, much less police service work.

Does your dog want to stop every five feet on a walk to sniff, dig, or mark his territory? This might be due to the type of leash you’re using—a retractable leash where your dog can wander far away or a harness where you have no control over his head are not ideal.

Have you put a cue to the behavior in the back yard? What I mean is: what do you call that loose leash walking behavior? We need a word so you can then tell your dog what will earn him his reinforcer (a pea-sized piece of chicken, steak, salmon, sardine, etc.). You want that reinforcer to be something spectacular – don’t be stingy here. The higher the value of the reinforcer, the more likely your dog will pay attention and try to find out what behavior is earning him this delicious goodie!

For everyday walks and exercise, just about any leash is as good as any other, but if your dog has a certain behavior or you’re trying to train a specific skill there are particular leashes tailored to suit what you’re trying to achieve.

Pair the behavior with the verbal command. As your dog begins to realize he’ll be rewarded for coming to you, start giving the verbal command “come.” When he responds to the command, reinforce it in praise by pairing it with “good”: “good come!”

At the request of our many dog-loving friends owners and partners across the nation, we’d like to share the following information, addressing a wide variety of dog care, training tips, safety topics and much more! Here you will find full color public information handouts ready for printing or adding to an email.

As your dog gets better and you can now walk quite a distance without forging and pulling, don’t fail to reward intermittently. For your dog to walk without pulling he has to believe (because you rewarded him) that there is a better chance of good things near you than in the wide world. Use the long line if you have to control your dog and are not taking a walk. Remember, if you never let the leash get tight, your dog won’t learn that he can pull you. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him or you!

Attach the collar when your pup is going outside to be in the yard with you or even in the home when you are interacting with him. Put it on snug, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable and irritating. In other words, he should forget about it as you are getting his attention and interacting to take his mind off the wearing of the collar.

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Prepare your mental state for training sessions. When you’re working with your dog, be calm and neutral. Any form of agitation and excitement on your part will negatively affect the outcome of training. You should be mindful of the fact that the goal of training is to be able to reinforce good dog behavior and to ignore or not reinforce bad ones. It may sound strict but producing a well trained dog requires the determination and conviction to see it through.

I would try to use part, or better yet all of her daily ration as her food rewards for walking and any other behaviors that you want to reinforce throughout the day. Doing this will strengthen your relationship with her, will help you remember to reward good behaviors, and will keep her from getting ‘extra’ calories. Good for you to notice she is putting on some extra weight and wanting to take it off and keep it under control!

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Small treats allow trainers to “JACKPOT” their treats. This is where they will occasionally reward the dog with a number of treats all at one time (hence the name jack potting). This can be a real motivator to the dog who really does something good. It’s on the same principle as winning a jackpot on a slot machine.

No-pull harness The no-pull harness is worn on the body of the animal. The no-pull harness differs significantly from the standard harness since it makes it harder for the dog to pull because it distributes energy over the dog’s back and shoulders. Like the head collar, the no-pull harness does not teach the dog not to pull, it only makes it harder for the dog to pull.

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When he completes the task, give him verbal encouragement, “Yes.” Then give him the treat with the other hand or a nearby surface, such as the floor. Eventually, you’ll want to only randomly provide the treat, and then stop using the treats entirely.

I am a professional dog trainer, author, and international seminar presenter based in Alaska. I have published 3 books and a dozen DVDs on dog training. Click to learn more about me and the rest of my team.

In 2004 a study was published that was based on the observation of a variety of breeds trained for protection work using shock collars, which showed that although electronically trained dogs can excel as guard dogs, their behavior toward humans and work circumstances changed, often indicating heightened uncertainty and reactivity.[63]

On the lowest level a guard dog simply functions as a watch dog or alert barker – which is all most people will ever need. On the highest level, he functions as a well oiled, highly trained machine capable of defending himself and others without hesitation.

Not only will the treats lose some of their magical appeal to your canine companion if they get them every time, but you don’t want your pup to unknowingly pack on poundage through the extra food intake.

These treats are actually made to put pills inside to make it easy to give dogs their medicine. However, they’re also great puppy treats for training. Greenies Pill Pockets treats are designed by vets and are made right here in the U.S.A. in Kansas City, Missouri. The treats are available in three different flavors: chicken, real peanut butter and hickory smoke. They also come in two sizes: large (to fit most capsules) and small (to fit most tablets). These all natural treats have fewer calories, less fat and lower sodium than most human foods. These treats are also soft so you can tear them apart easily to make them last a little longer.

There is hope for you and your dog! For 18 years, I have devoted myself and become a recognized expert in preventing dogs from being given up due to behavior problems that could have been effectively treated, keeping dogs safe and happy together with their owners for life!

These dogs are social family companions and are selected specifically to live with children and other pets. These dogs are trained in complete on and off-leash obedience. All of our Level I Personal Protection Dogs are trained to be alert in their home / surroundings and to bark and alert their owners to the presence of intruders. These dogs are not trained to bite or apprehend subjects. Level I Protection dogs are trained to bark on command and when they feel a threat to themselves or their owners. These dogs are ideal for families that are concerned with the liability of having a dog that is fully trained to bite and apprehend subjects in protection work.

If you find this technique too slow you can try the reverse direction method. When your dog pulls, issue a ‘Let’s Go’ cue, turn away from him and walk off in the other direction, without jerking on the leash.

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Some dog trainers do not recommend personal protection training for Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, Dogo Argentinos, etc. These dog breeds will protect naturally and additional training is not usually necessary.

However, when eventually it seems your dog has got the hang of their training, it doesn’t mean you should just stop all treats immediately. As Totally Dog Training asserts “all animals work harder for intermittent and unpredictable rewards”.

You do need to keep an eye on your dog if using a metal leash. The reason they’re usually bought is also the reason they can be problematic: Although most dogs soon learn a chain leash is indestructible and stop chewing it, some will continue to chew the lead, even to the point of damaging their teeth!

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