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Your family’s experience of your dog, both now and in the coming weeks, and years has as much to do with support as it has to do with the caliber of dog, their training and the instruction that transfer performance from us to you.

A walk is a wonderful social outing for you and your dog. It provides a great source of smells and mental stimulation, and is a super way to work on training your dog to respond to requests with distractions; however, it is not adequate exercise for most healthy, high-energy adolescent or adult dogs. Most dogs consider our slow plodding steps around the neighbourhood to be quite boring, and sometimes resort to making their own excitement by lunging or barking. This can be accentuated when they are spending long periods at home without activity, and then are restrained at the end of a leash for a brief outing outside. To take the “edge” off your dog’s energy, add a healthy mix of additional mental and physical exercise to your dog’s life, including indoor games, supervised play sessions with other dogs (if appropriate), and rousing games of fetch in the backyard.

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This evaluation is required to asses whether or not your dog is suitable for protection work.  If your dog is not suitable, we can supply one that is.  Training fear driven, nervous dogs for personal protection is an accident waiting to happen and we will not put innocent people in jeopardy.

Every time you get the leash out, you should give her a small treat. If she does not really like treats, pet her instead. That way she associates the leash with good things. After a while, take the next step and put the leash on her while continuing to positively reinforce with treats or petting. Keep doing this till she starts to like it.

Delicious – Obviously, this is more subjective but your treats must excite your dog otherwise they will not work as a training tool. Whether you pick a treat with crunch, sweetness or a meaty texture is completely up to you – just make sure that your dog loves it!

You want to buy a leash with a good quality metal clip. And because the leash will regularly get wet, it will preferably be made of stainless steel or brass to resist corrosion and avoid weakening over time.

Say “Let’s go!” in a cheerful voice and start walking. As soon as he begins to walk forward with you, say “Yes!” (or “Click!”), then deliver a small tasty treat (at your knee). At first, “Yes!” and treat very rapidly, almost every step. When your dog is watching you attentively, gradually reduce how often you “Yes!” and treat.

The concepts of “pack” and “dominance” in relation to dog training originated in the 1940s and were popularized by the Monks of New Skete in the 1970s. The model is based on a theory that “dogs are wolves” and since wolves live in hierarchical packs where an alpha male rules over everyone else, then humans must dominate dogs in order to modify their behavior.[68] However, recent studies have shown that wolves in the wild actually live in nuclear families where the father and mother are considered the pack leaders, and their offspring’s status depends on their birth order which does not involve fighting to attain a higher rank, because the young wolves naturally follow their parents’ lead.[69]

Police departments sometimes train the dogs without the jute sleeve and instead go for more inconspicuous body protection so they look more like the everyday person. They do not want the dogs to become accustomed to only biting a jute sleeve on an arm. These dogs may bite in other body locations too, but they are also trained to release on command.

To determine the type of training you and your dog need, you will want to consult with a Camp Bow Wow Trainer. Once they understand what your goals are for training they will be able to help you pick the right training service to meet those needs. 

Interested in one-on-one training? Check out our Individual Training options, which include In-Home Training with you and your dog, In-Office Consultations, and Day Training, in which our insured trainers come to your home and work with your dog while you’re away. 

Again toss the treat right past your dog’s nose. When your dog finishes eating it and turns around to come back to you, you turn your back and start walking. (Just take a few steps in the beginning.) When you dog catches up to you, but before he gets past your pant leg, click and treat. Repeat.

I felt like that too – but I couldn’t give up on Barrett. I decided to research and find out 100% effective techniques that work quickly and empower ALL dog owners to enjoy a great relationship with their dogs—as the master and “leader of the pack”

The experiment is flawed. She (the young girl) didn’t know these “untrained dog’s” so to say “no untrained dog will protect any human” is not accurate. Show me an experiment with a dog-human relationship of 2 years or more because that is more likely the situation we would be facing (not taking someone else’s dog and asking it to protect a stranger.). Also, the approach and look of the “stranger” in this experiment, trained vs untrained is noticeably very different.

My min Schnauzer starts barking,yowling and squeaking the moment you bring the lead in to the room. she doesn’t stop for almost the entire walk. She can bark for up to an hour on a walk with no dogs in sight. does not intend to provide veterinary advice. We do our best to research articles that meet a high editorial standard and provide reliable information – however, the content on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance.

Many companies will get by with doing this because they do not have a decoy capable of wearing a hidden sleeve. Although a hidden sleeve does not offer the decoy a lot of protection, it is a true test of the dogs ability to bite in “real life scenarios”.  Also, make sure you are looking for a dog that has a full grip. You want the dogs molars to be biting down. Companies that offer dogs that bite repeatedly with their front K9’s are not offering properly trained dogs. These dogs are more likely to break their front teeth. The dog’s grip should be full and they should not let go unless re-gripping or if they are given the out command.

If he pulls toward the object, say “let’s go” and turn and walk in the opposite direction. If he walks beside you while you walk towards the object, allow him to continue towards it until he reaches it and can take it as his reward.

Most people think that protection dog training is military or police K-9 style of training, we specialize in HOME AND FAMILY protection training, which offensive style of protection training like police dogs will not work in a Home and Family environment.

Since loose-leash training sessions will be too short and slow to provide adequate exercise, find other ways to exercise your dog until he’s mastered loose-leash walking. In fact, you’ll succeed more quickly if you find a way to tire your dog out before taking him on a training walk. Dogs pull, in part, because they’re full of excess energy. So unless you can expend that energy, your dog will find it hard to control himself. Before you train, play fetch in a hallway or your backyard, play a vigorous game of tug, or drive your dog to the park so that he can play with his buddies.

To start with just walk around the house with the leash in hand, and your puppy trotting along side you. When he is walking along on a loose leash give him plenty of praise, petting and even some treats. When he strains on the leash, stop immediately. Don’t yank him back over to you with the leash, just call him back over to you and praise him when he comes. Never ever keep walking when your puppy is pulling on the leash, this only rewards his behavior and reinforces the habit.

Even though it may seem as though your dog is behaving poorly to spite you or annoy you this is not the case. In the vast majority of dog behavior problems there will be a cause or trigger which sparks the behavior. Identifying these triggers is the crucial first step towards solving the problem.

If you can watch an experienced helper work a dog you need to be thinking “What drive does the helper have the dog in?” When he switches drives you need to try and recognize when that happens and why.

I feed my dog Blue Buffalo food, so I decided to give these a try. My dog doesn’t like their hard treats, but loves these! They are very small but great training treats (and are heart shaped…so cute!). I keep them by the door for when she rings the bell, goes outside, then goes potty. I also bring them in a bag when we go on a walk to train her when we see other people/dogs, as she is a rescue and is scared of other people and animals. Very pleased with these. A brand I trust and nice size treats that my dog is motivated by!

We offer affordable personal protection dogs trained at various levels for your home or business. Included with any protection dog purchase is a course designed to get your dog comfortable with his new home. Delivery is available worldwide. We come to your home or place of business and work with you to ensure that you are comfortable working and living with your new protection dog.

I had a question in regards to dog collars. What do you recommend? Nylon, leather, chain? It would be for everyday use. We walk our dog at night, so I think a reflective collar to match a reflective leash. Any brands you would recommend? Also, what are your thoughts on the plastic snap fastener vs. a metal buckle on a collar?

Build your dog’s alertness at home by having people the dog doesn’t know act as though they are trying to get into your home or yard. When your German shepherd dog barks, the intruder should look at the dog and then flee while you hold and praise your dog. Do not allow your pet to chase the fleeing stranger. Praise your dog highly for letting you know someone was in your territory, and stop the barking as soon as the person flees. This strengthens the dog’s confidence.

paperclipA final tip that I recently read but admit to not yet doing myself (though I do on plan on buying one very soon!) is to attach a carabiner to the handle to make tethering your dog an incredibly simple task.

Let your dog bark at strangers. In fact, it is best that you tell them to bark whenever there are strangers passing by. You must also be able to make him stop barking. There are two common signs why the dog barks to other people. One would be that the dog is excited or happy or the dog feels threatened and tries to drive off the threat by barking. The barking of a dog may be a natural trait for them but to know when to bark is something that needs to be taught.

I just made these for my white lab and he loves them! I have always made my own sausage treats for him (cut and baked into small treat size) & keep well but these are fabulous for a change! I was not sure if they would keep well if still slightly soft but with a lab, I am sure they will not last long!

S Y. said “This review is long overdue. Three years ago, my family and I decided to adopt our very first dog. We found ourselves adopting a Shepherd Mix from the Human Society. At the time of adoption, he was only 10…” read more

The tags can be hung from the strap loop, and the excess length is often cut off. These collars should fit snug enough to keep your dog from sliding out, but loose enough to breathe if he gets hung up on something.

Wilderness Blue Buffalo Dog Treats are an excellent choice for dogs in training. They utilize high-quality chicken as the protein source, and are also supplemented with DHA, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for optimal health. DHA assists with cognitive development in puppies whereas the fatty acids assist in maintaining healthy skin and coat. These treats are grain-free; so if your dog is sensitive to grain, these are an excellent choice.